THE CLUB Dress Code

The Club Executive Committee in its 3rd meeting of 2008 discussed elaborately on the matter of dress code of club members while entering into Club premises. That meeting enforced following Prohibitions on the members costume.

01. Unmannerly Dressed.
02. Full / Half T-Shirt with round neck.
03. Full Shirt / Half Shirt with pyjama.
04. Dhuti / Lungi etc.
05. All types of sports shoes.
06. P.V.C. Sandle / Sandle without tape or Belt.
07. Sleeveless Shirt.
08. Wearing base ball cap/Sports like cap etc.
09. Ornaments in ear and hand of male member and male children of a member.
10. Half pant or swimming costume.
11. Drawing Tattoo in any Part of the Body.

The Members are requested to strictly Comply with these prohibitions.